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Hevari Oy customer & marketing register

Hevari Oy stores and processes personal data in accordance with the EU GDPR and the current Personal Data Act (523/1999).

It's possible that we change our Privacy Policy by publishing a new version online. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly review our Privacy Policy.

Date of completion: 26.3.2018
Updated: 15.5.2018

1. Registrar

Hevari Oy
VAT number: FI15327700
Address: Vuohkalliontie 2, FI-18200 Heinola, Finland 
Tel: +358 03 714 1111

2. Registry Officer

Managing Director: Ari Kiikonen

3. Use of personal data

We manage personal information of customer to manage of relationship, analyzing and marketing. Assign of customer information to partners only takes place for uses that support the logic of the registry.

Our business is based on legitimate business, so we also comply with EU legislation on the storage of personal data – this is abbreviated to the following six paragraphs:

- The information that we store from a person is legitimate, reasonable and transparent in handling. This means you can get your information at any time.
- The information has the purpose of use – For example, the information we collect from people is only for a specific purpose. We will not give your information to third parties unless there is an appropriate reason for doing so.
- We minimize the information we have saved - only save what is necessary
- We try to keep our information accurate
- We restrict the storage of information – the data has a defined lifetime, after which they are either automatically or routinely deleted unless there is a legitimate reason for storing.
- We store intact and reliable information and there are backups of the data

We collect and store information based on customer relationships or potential new customers related to our business. The collection of new potential customers is based on our business and we collect the information ourselves.

4. Data content of the register

- First name and last name
- Title
- Contact details
- Other textual information related to the customer relationship
- Marketing authorization or ban
- IP address or other identifier
- Cookie information
- Information collected from social media channels

We store minimum information regarding a customer relationship, typically including a person's name, company, and contact information such as email and phone number.

5. Data sources

- Web Shops and
- Google Analytics
- Social Media (for example Facebook)
- Customer service and trading in organisation

 6. Disclosure and transfer of information

At the discretion of the controller, the data may be transferred, within the limits permitted and mandated by the law in force, to our partners, if the data subject has denied the disclosure of the information. Disclosing information to partners only takes place for uses that support the logic of the registry.

We assign limited personal data to other parties - this in practice means the following:

- We use e-mail marketing tools. Only the name, company and email address are stored.
- We use the ERP-system for managing customer relationships where we store, for example: 
the name of the person, the contact details and customer relationship-related activities.
- We give necessary customer information to freight companies

The services we use operate the European Union and outside the European Economic Area. Data transmission is subject to the requirements of the Personal Data legislation and we share these services with the principle of minimizing information and reducing the risk. We use companies that are members of the Privacy Shield system.

7. Protection of the registry

Electronic data of the registry is protected by  firewalls, passwords and other generally acceptable technical means. Manually-maintained material is located in areas where unauthorized access is denied.

Only persons who are identified by the controller and employees of the co-operative companies have access to the information contained in the register.


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